Summer coffee plus

With only two remaining Summer coffee gatherings, our discussions will touch upon ideas for the Visioning Committee in planning Trinity’s future, among other things.  Coffee, juice, tea and sweets are also featured, – 9:00 to 9:55 before worship.  Bring your two-bits worth.     Membership Committee

Trinity’s Sunday Summer Coffee

Reverting to weekly reminders, this past Sunday’s coffee gathering almost reached a quorum.   With exotic coffees, tea, fresh juice, sweets, and small helpings of church gossip, the gathering achieved respectability.  There is no guarantee, of course, but bring whatever tickles your fancy between 9:00 – 9:55 to Mehaffey Hall on the east side of the courtyard.  New members are welcome!  We will have the double doors open for you.   Membership Committee

Bridge anybody?

Trinity’s bridge group is looking for a few good men, – and women, couples even.  We meet monthly from October through April each year.  Then we celebrate the end of another successful season with a Presbyterian party and unexpected prizes.  Interested individuals, men, women, and couples should call Bob or Lois Settles at 386 437-4494.  Get in on the ground floor with an opening bid, – two no-trump!  Remember who dealt the cards last?

Coffee hour returns to Trinity

Just because it’s Summer is no excuse to give up coffee, sweets, and a social hour!!  Indeed, the all-in-one worship service is an outstanding opportunity for us to get acquainted and socialize with the folks we rarely see during the rest of the year.  We can even meet and greet the choir, who we recognize from afar.  The Membership Committee is sponsoring coffee and sweets for the next seven (7) Sundays starting this coming Sunday, July 16 from 9:00 – 9:55am.  This should allow an abundance of socialization, and time to rush to worship before 10:00am.  A basket will be out to collect dollars to help defray the costs of operation.

Set your clock!  See you all there, – 9:00 – 9:55am.  Bring a guest!

Membership Committee

PCUSA says THANKS to Trinity

Bryce Wiebe, the Director, Special Offerings at PCUSA has developed a special thank you web page for Trinity’s gift to the Presbyterian Giving Catalog which helps expand the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s witness to God’s gracious and abundant work in the world. This generous support feeds the hungry, comforts the brokenhearted and shares God’s love with young and old around the world.  You may view this PCUSA thank you page designed specifically for Trinity by clicking the following link:

New Picture Directory

The most recent version of Trinity’s picture directory (June 5, 2017) has been posted to the website.  Inside the front cover is a listing of all new members from July of 2016 through June of this year.  The website directory requires the password to open.  There is also an always up-to-date directory with our online publisher at  All with internet access who are included in the directory may access this online version at any time.  Printed copies of this directory will be available through the church office on Wednesday, June 14.  New members, who did not receive their free copy, may pick up a copy at the church office.   Membership Committee