Holiday Fair

Our Holiday Fair this year will be Saturday November 4 from 8:30 till 4:pm
The fair features:
beautiful jewelry,
great books,
all handmade crafts for all ages,
closet clutter with hidden treasures,
freshly baked goodies, and
slightly used clothing.
Be sure to stay for lunch for our delicious homemade soup or ham salad sandwiches, or maybe a hot dog. You may even buy takeout of soup or a sandwich.  It is a great time to do your early Christmas shopping here or pick a house gift for Thanksgiving.
See you there!    Sandy Boland

Dear Trinity family

It is with a heavy but thankful heart that I announce our departure from Trinity in order that we may accept a new call to First Presbyterian Church, Ocala, Florida.

Jules and I have been blessed to serve you all these many years, and we love our Trinity family. God is good, and God will see us through to our new call, even as God directs you all to your next minister.

Our final Sunday will be October 15th. We will have one service that day so that we may say our goodbyes together in the unity of Christ Jesus our Lord. It has been a great privilege to be with you, and we will miss you all. We wish you well and will always be praying for you, knowing that your witness for Christ will continue according to his will.

Yours in Christ,

Ron and Jules Watson

Hurricane Irma – Closing information for Trinity

The session has made the decision that all worship services be canceled this Sunday. Furthermore, we will not be re-opening for business before next Wednesday, September 13, and only if it is practical to do so.

Though we will not be together in body, we will be together in spirit on Sunday morning, praying for God’s mercy for our community and our country from the storm.

Please stay safe and pray for those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Yours in Christ,
Ron Watson

Bridge anybody?

Trinity’s bridge group is looking for a few good men, – and women, couples even.  We meet monthly from October through April each year.  Then we celebrate the end of another successful season with a Presbyterian party and unexpected prizes.  Interested individuals, men, women, and couples should call Bob or Lois Settles at 386 437-4494.  Get in on the ground floor with an opening bid, – two no-trump!  Remember who dealt the cards last?

PCUSA says THANKS to Trinity

Bryce Wiebe, the Director, Special Offerings at PCUSA has developed a special thank you web page for Trinity’s gift to the Presbyterian Giving Catalog which helps expand the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s witness to God’s gracious and abundant work in the world. This generous support feeds the hungry, comforts the brokenhearted and shares God’s love with young and old around the world.  You may view this PCUSA thank you page designed specifically for Trinity by clicking the following link:

New Picture Directory

The most recent version of Trinity’s picture directory (June 5, 2017) has been posted to the website.  Inside the front cover is a listing of all new members from July of 2016 through June of this year.  The website directory requires the password to open.  There is also an always up-to-date directory with our online publisher at  All with internet access who are included in the directory may access this online version at any time.  Printed copies of this directory will be available through the church office on Wednesday, June 14.  New members, who did not receive their free copy, may pick up a copy at the church office.   Membership Committee

New membership information form

On April 10, Trinity’s Session added the use of a paperless Membership Information Form for those with internet access.  This streamlines the original process,- which required finding the proper paper form or forms (one for each prospective member), completing the forms, and returning these completed forms to the appropriate folks in the church.  As with all handwriting, the forms often required some interpretation, extrapolation, or pure guesses as to what was intended.  The new form(s) are completed at home through the website (Membership menu, Membership information form online), and the information is typed into the keyboard by an individual who may proof his own work.  When each form is completed, – pressing the SUBMIT button automatically distributes the information to our pastor, the Clerk of the Session, the Membership Committee, and Trinity’s office staff.  This new process is available to all individuals with an email address, OR to anyone without an email address who can find a friend with a computer or a cellphone.  Transmission and distribution of the information is perfectly legible, and may require a few nano-seconds to deliver to Trinity’s several recipients.

New directory March 12, 2017

Trinity’s picture directory has been updated and is now available on the website.  Simply go to Trinity’s publications, open the Directory page, enter the password with great care, and it appears magically before your eyes.  This March 12 edition will be printed shortly, and will be made available to all comers (for a $5.00 donation) hopefully, this coming Sunday, March 12, 2017.  New members from 2016 will receive a free copy.

Many Thanks!!

HolyCow! Congregational Assessment Tool


Thank you for completing the CAT survey for the church.  The deadline for additional submissions has passed.  All completed assessments are being tabulated and analyzed now.   Our church leadership will be given the results very soon, and be presented to the congregation in the near future.


Watch out for some new projects being introduced as a result of the C.A.T.

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