Picture directory

The latest version of Trinity’s picture directory (Feb 8, 2017) is now on the church website at http://trinitypresbyterianchurchpalmcoast.us/church-directory/.

New and fresh pictures will be taken in the chapel from 9:00 – 11:00 for the next two Sundays (February 12 and 19). All who are not yet in the directory, who would like fresh pictures, or who need to make corrections to this directory should check the most current edition on the website.  Please check your own entry for errors or additions.  The website directory is password protected (TPCDIRECTORY).  Check it carefully.  A new directory will be printed after the 19th and offered (for cost) to all worshipers.  New members receive their first copy free.   Membership Committee


Please complete the C.A.T. !

You have been invited to take the HolyCow! Congregational  Assessment Tool, …. or C.A.T. as we like to call it.  Our church needs your participation to discover where we stand now and what direction might be important in our future.

If you have already completed the CAT assessment , thank you, if you have not…


If there is only one email address for all members of your household, it may be tempting to have one person take the survey on behalf of the family.  However, please be sure your spouse and all young adults living in your home have an opportunity to complete the survey.  INDIVIDUAL INPUT is key to our gaining insight into overall perceptions and experiences.

There is one section where only one person in the household needs to answer.  Please make sure you do not submit the same info if your spouse has already answered.

Please set aside enough time to answer all of the questions.  You cannot stop and send in the survey without it being completed.  This will take about 35 minutes. 

When you complete the final question, be sure to click the “SUBMIT ” Button.  you should receive a “Thank you” response.

All assessment responses are strictly anonymous.

Thank you for your willingness to be part of this congregational assessment and for helping to build the future of Trinity Presbyterian Church.



Name tag dilemma

Those of you who have been attentive to the new name tags and name tag racks have noticed that the vinyl name tag holders do not sit properly in the racks for long.  Even vertically they still become so pliable that they eventually face the floor or fall out of the racks completely.  A solution is in the works, and with luck will correct the problem before this Sunday’s congregational meeting at 10:00am.  You will no longer be required to tilt your head either left or right to read your name tag, as the tags will sit normally in the racks as they should.  Your patience while finding this final-vinyl solution is appreciated.    Membership committee

The Information age

Trinity’s picture directory may be printed only once or twice a year.  The directory itself is an online product, and may be accessed directly as shown below. Website access to the directory requires a password (TPCDIRECTORY) making it more secure than the printed edition. An app is also available to the directory which may be accessed online through http://instantchurchdirectory.com. Through this app the more recent corrections are available.  Thirty (30) of Trinity’s members have downloaded this app to access the most current information available. Twenty-three (23) members have edited their own information in the online directory.  Welcome to the information age!! Individual members can now take “selfies,” go to the online directory, and edit their own information.

Name tag racks in the narthex

Trinity’s three new name tag racks have all been placed in the narthex.  The left rack (1) in the narthex is for the early service.  The right rack (2) is for the contemporary service, and the middle rack (3) is for the late service.  Each four-sided rack revolves and is color coded (red, green, blue, pink) to help you remember which side you placed your name tag on.  Feel free to use the appropriate new rack to store your old name tags.  When the new name tags are available, hopefully Sunday January 8, each of you may replace your old name tag with the new one.

New name tags!!

Name tag notice:  In January all members of Trinity will be provided with new name tags.  For all those (non-members) who worship with us and would like to have a name tag, please let Karen or Jan know by calling 386 445-4757 during regular work hours.  We will be happy to provide name tags for you.

Mortgage update March 14, 2016

This week-4 update shows we are 75% to our goal of matching the generous anonymous donor’s offer.  The average donation to date is just over $300.00 per contribution.  At that rate we will require 32 additional contributions in addition to the 101 we have received to date.  With two more Sunday’s to go the goal is well within reach.  There is, of course, no reason to limit our contributions to this magic figure.