Rev Dr Jeff BeebeRev. Dr. Jeffrey W. Beebe, Transitional Pastor,
Rev. Dr. Jeff Beebe is currently serving as Trinity Presbyterian’s Transitional Senior Pastor. Jeff, a native Floridian, holds degrees from Florida State University (1987), Columbia Theological Seminary (1994), and Fuller Theological Seminary (2012). Prior to serving at Trinity, he served a number of congregations throughout the southeast. For Rev. Beebe, the Church’s responsibility of “making disciples” is the primary theological issue facing the Church today. That role in making disciples begins in the baptismal vows and extends to the ends of the earth as the Church is sent forth in mission. The Church’s task is to make disciples who are authentically walking with Christ and who are fully engaged in faithful practices of discipleship (worship, study, service, sharing, and fellowship). Theologically, to know Christ and to make Him known are the tasks to which the Church is called. As the Church grounds herself in faithful practices of discipleship the Church models Christ’s life. The Church is better able to see in the way Christ would see, hear in the way Christ would hear, and is better able to understand in the way Christ would understand. Understood theologically, the Church exists to make disciples, so that, they would be Christ’ presence in the world. In and through the Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, disciples are able to live, and move, and have their being, so that, they too would go and make disciples.


Rev. Sheryl Sumlin-Walker, Parish Associate,
He sat down in my office with those big blue eyes and asked me the following question. “Would you please prepare a brief description of your preparation for the ministry?” I laughed as he exited my office. The word “life” came to mind followed by a quick giggle as I remembered how hard headed I was and made every attempt to avoid my call. The call to ministry that is! I believe my call came as a child, but I had to grow up first and go through a “thing or two” as my grandmother use to say. As a kid I would attempt to keep the “peace” in the family. I would sit at the feet of the elders and listen a lot and wonder why grown-ups were so silly for the most part.

Then life happened, and I found myself becoming one of those silly adults. Then one day I walked into Columbia Theological Seminary, initially to pick up an application for my husband at the time and an incredible weight was lifted from my shoulders. The weight of elephants, I use to say as a child. I argued with God, and told God I was too busy raising children, plus I was certainly not intelligent enough…and what kind of person would go to seminary with four children at home, a dying mother, and a plethora of other excuses. But the weight of the elephants became lighter as I progressed and along the way people mentored and encourage my gifts.

But the real answer to the description of my preparation came when I stopped in life long enough to hear God’s voice say; “You Sheryl can do this and I need you.” At which I said to God, yeah right. So I informed God that I would make every attempt to be obedient, but if anything along the way becomes a hindrance, it’s on you God. So this woman, this mother of six, friend, mother in law, and grandmother simply put one foot in front of the other and listened to God’s prodding. I rely on God’s word, hard work, diligence, and many blessings. When I look back at my life, with all of its ups and downs, gains and losses, hardships and blessings, I thank God for the formal training….but I thank God for all of life’s experiences that have molded and shaped this woman into what she is today. But the most important reality is that Gods not done with me yet….and I wait, and listen for the next journey God and life would have me to do.


Brooke TuckerBrooke Tucker (Youth Coordinator), Youth Coordinator,
Brooke has been a part of Trinity Presbyterian Church her entire life. Her parents were charter members, she was baptized here, confirmed here, married here, and her children were both baptized here. Brooke and her husband, Trevor, have two children, Hailey and Garrett. Brooke graduated from Flagler Palm Coast High School. In 2004 she graduated from The University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. As Trinity’s Youth Coordinator, Brooke is looking forward to sharing the Trinity Family with all of our youth, so they may become “life-long” members as well and will help to keep Trinity Presbyterian Church alive and energized!


Linda Hodges (Choir Director)

Linda leading the choir

Linda Hodges, Choir Director,
Linda Hodges has served as Director of Music at Trinity Presbyterian Church since August, 2007. During that time, she has conducted six performances of Handel’s Messiah with the Trinity Chancel Choir. In May, 2010, she took a group of singers from Trinity to sing the Vilvaldi Gloria in Carnegie Hall, New York City. Five years ago, the children’s choir participated with 200 other children in the Choristers’ Guild Choir Festival, held in Winter Park, Florida. For the past several years, she has taken children, youth and adults to Montreat to participate in the summer Worship and Music Conferences.

Before coming to Palm Coast, Linda lived in Jacksonville, where she spent 25 years as a church musician, working with children, youth and adults. One of her proudest accomplishments was the development of a 35-voice middle school/senior high choir. They were invited to sing up and down the East Coast from NYC to Key West. As a mission project of her former church, Linda taught music classes at an inner-city elementary school for 3 years. From that experience, she helped create and administer a grant-funded chorus (Jacksonville Urban Core Children’s Chorus). She also developed a chorus program at the Sanctuary on 8th Street, an organization that houses an after-school program for inner city children.

Linda has helped create and lead church Hymn Festivals and has served as a choral workshop leader for the Presbytery of St. Augustine. For a short time she played clarinet with the Jacksonville Symphony. She has sung with choral and instrumental notables, including Dave Brubeck, George Shearing, John Rutter and the London Symphony Orchestra.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys conducting the Community Chorus of Palm Coast.

Linda is the very proud mother of two sons! Michael lives in Jacksonville and is a nurse at Mayo Hospital and a tenor in the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus. Tim lives in Woodbridge, NJ and is a professional singer at the Trinity Wall Street Church, NYC. He also sings in a number of other professional choral groups around the country.


Heasuk Che (Organist)Heasuk Che, Organist,
Trinity’s organist, Heasuk Che, has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in church music with a major in pipe organ. Her degrees are from Chongshin University in Seoul, Korea. She is an accomplished pianist and teacher. She and her husband, Paul, a minister, came to the United States in the mid-1990’s. Heasuk has served as a church organist at various locations throughout the States while serving as a pastor’s wife. She also found time to raise four children. Heasuk says she enjoys playing at Trinity, and playing music to glorify God.

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