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Trinity’s website was revised and updated in April of 2013.  It was redesigned to be accessible to hand-held devices, cell phones, and I Pads as well as desk-top and laptop computers.  By 2015 more than 140 email addresses have been registered to receive automatic notices of the Trinity Times and other church events.  This saves printing costs and makes information available to you as soon as it is posted.  A suggested orientation to the website follows:

  1.  Enter one of the two above addresses carefully in the computer’s internet browser, then press the enter key.
  2. Trinity’s miracle of modern communication appears before your eyes.  This is Trinity’s new home page.   The menu title is also a page link. Click on a link to see that page.
  3. The right margin on most pages displays three or more days of scheduled events from Trinity’s church calendar, today, tomorrow, and the next day.  To see what you missed yesterday you must visit the church calendar.
  4. Please subscribe to Trinity’s website with your email address.  To subscribe you must enter your email address and click the submit button.  Then you must go to your email program and confirm your subscription by responding to the email you receive.   After you are a confirmed subscriber, then you will receive automatic email notices about the Trinity Times and any Special Events held at the church.  Please read the Trinity Times online as this saves the church both printing and mailing costs.
  5. Prayer requests may be submitted online, and are sent automatically to the senior pastor via email.
  6. Trinity’s calendar lists everything going on at the church for months ahead.  The calendar of church events may be displayed by the day, week, or month.  Go to that page now!
  7. Parts of each scheduled event may not be visible, ‘cause the cells are too small for the details.  When you mouse-over any item, the full contents are displayed in Trinity’s magic calendar bubble.
  8. Trinity’s picture directory may be seen online, but it requires a password for church worshipers.  Because it is over 40 pages long, it requires Adobe Reader to see it.  A link to Adobe reader, a free download, is provided. Other pages may require Adobe Reader as well.
  9. Trinity is always on the lookout for new worshipers. Our current members are a major source for bringing in new folks.  When prospective members are ready to join, a Membership Information Form may be completed online (one per prospective member) and submitted automatically to the appropriate individuals.  The same form may be printed from the website at home, completed, and delivered to the church office.  Copies of the form may also be obtained from the bulletin board in the church narthex, completed, and returned to the church office.
  10. Everything as described above has been double checked, and found to be in working order. If it doesn’t work for you, look first for operator error. If you are certain that erroneous information is shown on the website, please send this information to
  11. Subscriber’s email addresses are not available to anybody without administrative access to the website.  Trinity’s members and friends have over 200 known email addresses, and are in a good position to share with others the miracle of modern church communication through the internet.

Membership and Evangelism Committee

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