Wedding Brochure

Weddings are joyous worship occasions at Trinity Presbyterian Church.  They are joyous because of the happiness and love which the bride and groom have found in each other.  Weddings are also wonderful times of worship due to the commitment the couple makes to live their lives within the grace of God in the presence of his people.

The Christian marriage ceremony is a service of worship before God which is normally conducted within God’s house – the church.  Reverence is expected on the part of all present and the service shall be conducted under the sole direction and guidance of the officiating minister.

The staff of Trinity Presbyterian Church is committed to assisting the couple in planning one of the most important events in their lives – their wedding.  A Wedding Coordinator is part of the Trinity Staff to assist those preparing for marriage.

The Officiant 

It is expected that one of Trinity’s ministers will officiate at all weddings.  All requests for visiting clergy to assist the Trinity pastors should be made known well in advance to the senior pastor.

It is critical that the availability of the pastor and the church be confirmed in advance with the wedding coordinator.

Premarital counseling is required before all weddings.  The pastor will make arrangements to meet with the couple for this purpose.  This counseling is designed to help the couple understand the significance of a Christian marriage, to plan the wedding service and to discuss the couple’s life together.

The officiating minister will be present at the wedding rehearsal.

The Wedding Coordinator 

Trinity provides a wedding coordinator to oversee all arrangements and all details of the wedding. The coordinator, who is a member of Trinity, will work with the minister and the bridal party to coordinate all aspects of the wedding.

Music – The Organist & Soloists 

The musical selections for the wedding service should reflect the sacred nature of the service.  All music must be approved by the pastor and the Music Director.

Trinity’s organist will play for all weddings and be present for the rehearsal.  A guest organist may be used if the Trinity organist is unavailable. The organist or Wedding Coordinator will suggest organ or vocal music.  If special music is requested, the organist should be notified six (6) weeks in advance.

A church soloist may be available to perform at the wedding.  Other soloists need to confer with the organist well in advance of the wedding date.

The Marriage Service

All weddings at Trinity are Christian worship services.  The minister will provide you with examples of appropriate wedding services.  The minister will discuss examples of prayers, scripture readings, hymns or a message with the couple.

Trinity does not provide marriage service bulletins.

The couple is responsible for obtaining the marriage license from the County Clerk at least one week before the ceremony.

Scheduling The Wedding 

Choose your wedding date with the pastor.  If the church can host the wedding, the Wedding Coordinator will confirm the date with the couple.

Church Facilities 

Trinity’s sanctuary can seat approximately 550 people.  Our sanctuary is a place of beauty and does not require excessive decorations.  Mehaffey Hall may be used for the reception.  Our custodial staff will be scheduled to clean up by the Wedding Coordinator.  No rice or birdseed may be used on the grounds.

Flowers & Decorations 

Flowers and decorations may be chosen from a florist of your choice or from the Trinity’s regular florist.  If flowers are arranged from a florist other than the Trinity florist, delivery arrangements must be made through the Wedding Coordinator.  Then Wedding Coordinator must be consulted regarding plans to decorate the sanctuary.  Thumbtacks, nails or screws are not to be used anywhere in the building.  No flowers or decorations may be placed on the communion table or baptismal font.


Since the wedding ceremony is a sacred occasion, no photography may be done during the service with the exceptions listed below:

  • A picture of the wedding party may be taken in the Narthex.
  • One picture of the ceremony may be taken by the photographer unobtrusively from the rear of the sanctuary
  • A processional picture may be taken by the photographer only from a spot four (4) rows from the rear of the church.
  • Ushers will advise camera carrying attendees that NO photographs may be taken during the ceremony.

Video recording of the ceremony is permitted using available light and with equipment in a predetermined stationary location selected by the Wedding Coordinator.

All concerns regarding photography must be referred to the Wedding Coordinator.


For current fees for weddings, please contact the church office.

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