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Trinity’s website was redesigned in 2013 to be accessible to mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers.  As of 2021, more than 443 email subscribers have registered to receive automatic posts of the Trinity Times and other church events.  A few of the highlights of the website are as follows:

There are online forms can be completed by members and guests of Trinity.  A Membership Information Form (online) can be completed by prospective members when they are ready to join in membership.  A Guest Information Form can be completed online by guests and visitors to Trinity.  This form duplicates the Sunday bulletin insert which guests/visitors may complete and place in the offering plate.

Much of Trinity’s work is performed by dedicated volunteers.  We ask all members to become familiar with the functions of our standing committees and respond with your interests by completing the online form Committee Interests.

All members are encouraged to become website subscribers. As a subscriber, you will get the latest Trinity Times newsletters, Church Picture directory, and be notified of upcoming events. For more details, take a look at the Subscribe page.

Trinity’s church calendar is on the website.  They may be shown by the day, week, or month.  Recurring events are listed automatically from week to week or month to month.  The events posted in the right column of each page are generated automatically by the church calendar on the website.

The Picture Directory on the website requires a password to open.  It is maintained independently of the website, and is located at  Unlike the print edition, the directory may be viewed directly by members and administrators alike.  This provides an always up-to-date copy for those with internet access.

–Membership and Evangelism Committee

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