Coffee hour returns to Trinity

Just because it’s Summer is no excuse to give up coffee, sweets, and a social hour!!  Indeed, the all-in-one worship service is an outstanding opportunity for us to get acquainted and socialize with the folks we rarely see during the rest of the year.  We can even meet and greet the choir, who we recognize from afar.  The Membership Committee is sponsoring coffee and sweets for the next seven (7) Sundays starting this coming Sunday, July 16 from 9:00 – 9:55am.  This should allow an abundance of socialization, and time to rush to worship before 10:00am.  A basket will be out to collect dollars to help defray the costs of operation.

Set your clock!  See you all there, – 9:00 – 9:55am.  Bring a guest!

Membership Committee

Women’s Project

The Women’s Association, as part of this year’s project to provide computer services for the Free Health Clinic in Bunnell, is offering workshops to make greeting cards.  Each workshop is conducted by Joyce Peters, a professional.  In two hours of fun with Joyce’s skilled help, each participant makes three beautiful cards fit for a holiday or situation of your choice.  With only five participants per class, Joyce provides all the help you need.  At $15.00 per participant, it is a great buy, and benefits a good cause.  Please sign up in the narthex to participate.

April’s new members

Trinity has had a banner month admitting five additional persons into membership on April 10.  Attending the early service were Bob and Alison Reid and Peggy Evleth.  Attending the 11:00am service were Lance and Brandie Alred with their two daughters Zoe and Addison.   Please welcome them all.    Membership Committee



Come join us for a Soup, salad, and sandwich luncheon this coming Friday, 12:00 noon at Trinity.  Marion Poole, the outreach specialist for St John and Flagler Counties, will be the presenter.  Bring yourself, a guest, and enjoy the fellowship.  Mark your calendars!

Planning our future together!

You have been invited to take the HolyCow! Congregational  Assessment Tool, or C.A.T. as we like to call it.  Trinity Presbyterian Church needs your participation to discover where we stand now and what direction might be important in our future.

Please do not forward or share this email; it is not transferable.  We ask that all worshippers in your household complete their own survey.  Others in your household can go to the TPC website and complete their own C.A.T.

The assessment will take about 35 minutes and needs to be completed in one sitting.  If you have already completed the CAT assessment , thank you, if you have not…

When you are ready, click on this

 blue link and begin!


 Many thanks, TPC Visioning Committee –

Pastor RonWatson, Ross Royce, Del Smith, Tracy Martin

Please contact any one of us if you have a question.

New name tags and racks

We survived the first Sunday rush for new name tags.  New supplies have been received to continue this process. We discovered a number of misspelled names, and received many more requests for new name tags.  The corrected tags have all been prepared and are on the old racks in alphabetical order (Top to bottom, left to right).  Each individual’s new name tags should be stored on the new name tag rack which corresponds with the service normally attended.  Each rack is identified with the time of the worship service, 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00.

After an adequate time has elapsed for worshippers to select and store their new name tags on the new racks, the remaining name tags will be removed from the old racks, and the old racks will be removed from the wall.  Name tags not picked up will be stored in alphabetical order in a box in the narthex.  Membership Committee

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