Outdoor Worship Service October 25, 2020

In case you missed it — there will be an Outdoor Worship Service at Trinity Presbyterian on Sunday October 25th at 10:00 a.m. (weather permitting). We hope you will be able to attend in-person. Please be sure to bring your mask, a chair, and practice social distancing while on the campus.

If you are unable to attend, the on-line worship service will still be available.

Bible Study for October 16, 2020

Join Rev Dr Jeffrey Beebe today for Bible Study!

This Bible Study series is entitled Our Money Story based on a concept from Sanctified Art. They provide liturgy and art materials for use in many aspects of worship (like a bible study!). In this season of stewardship, the Our Money Story series encourages all to reimagine their own stories and transform them into the reality God would have us live.

If you’d like to browse through our collection of older Bible Studies, use the Archive at the bottom of this page to find and view them.

This week’s Bible Study video is below.

Bible Study Archive

The Trinity Bible Study Archive is HERE. The archived videos are arranged from “Newest” to “Oldest”. The first Bible Study you encounter in the archive will be the one for the current week. So, you will need to scroll down to find the older Bible Study videos.

You can access the Bible Study Archive anytime from the Trinity Website menu: Online > Online Bible Study.


Sunday Vespers: October 11, 2020

Please plan to attend the next Sunday Vespers service. This service will be led by Rev Dr Jeffrey Beebe with readings and a devotional. Music will be led by Heasuk Che.

This event will be held RAIN (Mehaffey Hall) or SHINE (outside) at Trinity Presbyterian Church, so we ask that you please remember to be safe and do these things before attending:

  1. Please bring a mask for the protection of your friends and family at Trinity. We may not be always be able to keep a safe social distance during the service, so a mask will help you protect others and provide some limited protection to yourself.
  2. Please bring a chair for everyone in your group. If the service is held outside, we will not be able to move chairs in and out of the church and provide the sanitization necessary. You can solve this problem by making sure everyone in your party has a chair.
  3. Please print your own song sheets, if you are able. Use the link to the song sheets below to access each song’s lyrics and print it. Of course, if you have a smartphone or tablet and have broadband Internet access, you don’t need to print it if you plan to use your device.

This is the link to song sheets (or the image above).

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