Worship Service: June 30, 2024 at 10AM

Ooooops! In case you haven’t noticed, the time for the live service is over. The website administrator got a bit too busy this week with life and overlooked setting up the Trinity service emails!
The good news is: you can click the image below or the 10am Worship Service link and see the whole recorded service now. If you like you can also take a look at the On-line Bulletin.

Join us for our 10am Worship Service! If you are unable to attend in-person, we hope you will join us on-line.

The Worship service begins at 10am. The Live Stream will begin at 9:50am.

If you connect early, you’ll see our countdown to the live stream.

The use of face masks is optional, but we recommend the use of face masks while indoors for those who are not fully vaccinated, are immunocompromised, or unable to be vaccinated due to health concerns.


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