Details for Return to Worship November 8, 2020


We can finally worship together again! BUT — the COVID-19 threat is still with us, so Trinity is cautiously opening to protect our community. To help you prepare and be more informed before you arrive, please review the FIVE items below:

You’ll need to pre-register for seating because our capacity is limited. Register BEFORE Sunday by clicking the link HERE or the image to the left.

You’ll be taken to an external website that we use to tabulate the seating and help us with planning.

Pull out the seat card in front of you and watch Brooke’s Pre-flight Instructions! Brooke shows you what to expect when you come to our Indoor Service.
If you want a bulletin to follow along during the service, please print and bring your own. You can find the early on-line copy of this week’s bulletin (for November 8th) by clicking HERE or by clicking the image to the left.

You may also choose to use your mobile device to follow along during the service. Connect to Trinity’s WiFi. The SSID is “TPC_AP” and the password is “God3in1@”.

Trinity leadership has created an informational “Welcome Back” letter. It has lots of details on the opening that you need to know before coming to church on Sunday. Click HERE or the image to the left to read the “Welcome Back” letter.
Finally, as we wrap up this year’s Stewardship campaign, you’re welcome to drop off your pledge card at the church on Sunday or mail it in. If you’ve lost or misplaced yours, we’re providing the pledge card on-line. To print a new pledge card, click HERE or the image to the left.

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