How to submit a Passing of the Peace video

How to submit a Passing of the Peace video

Thank you for your interest in sending a video!

We hope you will be successful. There are many types of devices and many ways to do it, so here, we will describe the general instructions. Maybe friends or family can help if you get stuck.

You will need: (1) a device to create the video (smartphone or webcam on your PC or Mac), (2) to be able to find the video after you have recorded it, and (3) send an email. In most cases, it is much simpler if you can use the same device for all three. That is, use the same smartphone, PC/Mac to record the video, attach the video, and send the email.

Step 1) Record your video using your smartphone or PC/Mac camera.

Say either:

May the peace of Christ be with you!
And also with you!

You can say BOTH, but please record them as separate videos.

Make sure your video is only a few seconds long (i.e. don’t depart from the script!). Also, holding your phone sideways (landscape) works better for this project.

If you’re using a smartphone, the video is likely stored with your photos or videos. When we get to the email-ing part, it will be important to know where the video is stored. So, you might want to find it now.

Being creative is fine! Making it with two or more people is fine too! Just keep it under 10 people.


Step 2) Start your email application.

This link should do that for you: (you might want to right-click “Open Link in New Window”).

Hopefully, this is the easiest part. You should be able to click on the link above and have a new email pop-up on your smartphone or PC/Mac. If it does not, you can manually do all that by starting your favorite email application (Outlook, Gmail, etc.), start a new email message, and type in the email address “” as the “To:” address.

It would be helpful to us if you also type “Video Submission” on the Subject line (we use that to automatically drop it in our submissions folder) — but that is not required. You don’t even have to enter a message in the email. All we need is the video.


Step 3) Attach the video and send the email.

Before you send the video, you must ATTACH it to the email message. Now is the part where you need to know where the video was stored.

In all cases (smartphone, PC/Mac, whatever), you start with the email application by looking for an “attachment icon”. Most email apps have settled on something looking like a ‘paperclip’ (for those of you that know what those are) or sometimes just the words “Attach” or “Attachment”.

Anyway, after you find the icon or button — click it. You should have a new window pop up that will allow you to find and select your video.

On your smartphone, it’s probably stored in your normal video or photo library. Select the video, and look for a “submit” or “Ok” button.

PC/Mac videos may be a bit harder to find. Where your video is stored may depend on the application you used to record the video. For example, I used Zoom to record my videos. Zoom videos are stored in the user’s folder under a zoom directory.

Where ever you find your video on the PC/Mac, just like on a smartphone, select the video and press an “Ok” or “Submit” video.

You should now see the video in your email. You can press Send now — and you’re done.


Finally, we’re sure you know this already but here it is: sending us this video is explicit permission by you to share your image with everyone else’s in a video montage for our Sunday morning online worship services.

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