Hurricane Michael Update

A message from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbytery of St. Augustine …

Hurricane Michael damageHurricane Michael was a catastrophic storm that caused severe damage for those in its path. Eyewitnesses describe the destruction as similar to a war zone. The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program (PDA) will be sending response teams to work with communities in the Presbytery of Florida (Florida Panhandle) and the Presbytery of Flint River (Southwest Georgia). Thousands of ready-to-eat meals are on their way, but it is still too early and too dangerous for churches to send work teams at this time. The damage will be assessed and the recovery efforts will be organized in the weeks and months to come. At this point donations to the PDA for emergency and on-going recovery efforts is the most helpful response in addition to your prayers.


Fund PDAThe Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program encourages you to donate responsibly. Watch this short video to see how powerful a cash donation can be.
Visit the Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network website to keep updated on response efforts.


We will provide updated information as more details arrive. Such times bring out the best and worst in people. We are grateful that in such times of loss and devastation we are members of one another. Our care and connections makes a difference. The church has set up direct ways that we can make a positive contribution to help people rebuild their lives and restore communities. Thank you for your compassion, hope, and love that makes a difference in the world.

The mission of the Presbytery of St. Augustine is to support our faith community, so that together we may witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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