Acquiring Replacement Pastor(s)

Acquiring Replacement Pastor(s)

There is considerable discussion among Trinity’s members about the replacement process.  It seems appropriate to spell out this process in general terms for all members.  With the termination of Pastor Watson’s current call effective October 15, 2017, Trinity is in need of a replacement for him, and in the immediate future a temporary pastoral relationship (interim) to serve until such time as a replacement pastor can be installed.  How long this process may take is unknown.  The interim pastor serves to cover this unknown period of time.

According to the Book of Order all pastoral relationships are approved by the Presbytery, and all installed pastors are members of the Presbytery, – rather than the membership of individual churches.  With that approval process, it is incumbent upon our committees, the Interim Pastor Selection Committee, and the Pastoral Nominating Committee to work in close partnership with the St. Augustine Presbytery to achieve their final approval of our work.

Given this partnership, we will have two committees working to replace our installed pastor.  The Interim Pastor Selection Committee was appointed at the regular session meeting, Monday September 18, following Rev. Watson’s announcement that he would be requesting termination of his call as of October 15, 2017.  This committee consists of five session members, Ken Mettler (Co-chair), Bob Settles (Co-chair), Jennifer Kaczmarek, Bob Tabit, and Shirley Wilson.  With any questions about this interim process, please feel free to contact any of these committee members.   An interim pastor is employed under contract which must be negotiated, and is not an installed pastoral position.

At an appropriate time in the near future, the session will call a congregational meeting.  That meeting will elect a Pastoral Nominating Committee that shall be representative of the whole congregation.  The committee’s duty shall be to nominate a pastor for election by the congregation.  The Book of Order details the Call Process, Terms of Call, and the Installation Service.  After approval of our nominee by the Presbytery, the interim pastor will be relieved of his/her responsibilities, and Trinity’s Pastoral relationship will be restored.

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