Bible Study for June 4, 2020

Join Brooke Tucker, Trinity’s Director of Faith Formation, and the Rev Dr Jeffrey Beebe today for Bible Study!

Each week this series will present a scripture lesson on a similar theme: people that find themselves unraveled.

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Brooke’s video
Rev Beebe’s video
Video of the song referred to in Rev Beebe’s video
Begged to Leave
(Jesus Heals Legion,
A Man Possessed by Demons)
by Hannah Garrity
inspired by Mark 5:1-20
acrylic & ink on canvas
Have you ever seen the illustration of equity vs. equality? There is a young child standing next to a young teenager and an adult. They all wish to see over a fence. In the description of equality, they each get a box that is the same size. The adult now towers over the fence, the teenager can see, but the child is still unable to see what’s on the other side. In the depiction of equity, they each get a different sized box. Now, all of their heads are peering comfortably over the fence. Why are we afraid of equity?
In the land of the Gerasenes, Jesus shows us what it looks like. He provides healing for an outcast of society, the man shows gratitude, and he evangelizes. This sounds like a moment we would rejoice in. Instead the townspeople beg Jesus to leave. Do they fear scarcity? But we know that God provides in abundance. Do they fear grace? But we yearn for God’s grace. Do they fear for their safety?
Why do humans fear the radical grace of God? Why did the people of Gerasene fear Jesus? We laud Jesus’ work in the gospel as the work we must replicate. We teach our children to think of what Jesus would do. However, time and again history shows us that when we truly work toward the embodiment of the gospel, humans interrupt the work. Humans killed Jesus.
–Hannah Garrity


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