Deacons’ 2014 Retreat

Deacons’ Retreat in the Planning Stages

A retreat for newly installed deacons, current deacons, and former deacons is being planned for Camp Montgomery in February 2014.  The details follow:

Why a retreat?  To foster a sense of family among the deacons and to create an experience that deepens our faith and understanding of our purpose in service to our congregation.

Where:   Montgomery Presbyterian Center (88 SE 75th St., Stark, FL  32091). 352-473-4516.

When:   6:00pm Friday, February 7, 2014 through  Saturday 4:00pm.

Cost: $85.00 per person, including over-night at Montgomery  with three meals.

Program:  Currently being planned for new, current, and former deacons.

For all further information, questions and concerns:


Marge Click
386 439-5886


Judy Murgitroyde
386 585-4908

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