Name tag Sunday

NAME TAG SUNDAY, January 15, is the first Sunday on which new name tags are available.  499 new name tags have been printed and are in alphabetical order on the old name tag racks.  We suggest that all folks arrive early in order to locate your own name tag, select a new holder, and wear it to your Sunday morning activities.  Several folks will be available to help you find your name tag and select a holder of your choosing. When you leave each Sunday, please place your name tag on the rack that corresponds with the worship service you usually attend.  Rack #1 is on the left side of the narthex for the early service.  Rack #2 on the far right is for the contemporary service. Rack #3 is in the middle for the 11:00am service.  Each name tag rack revolves, and has four sides that are color coded so you can remember (?) where to find your name tag on subsequent Sundays.  Many thanks for your support and cooperation.  Membership Committee

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