New membership information form

On April 10, Trinity’s Session added the use of a paperless Membership Information Form for those with internet access.  This streamlines the original process,- which required finding the proper paper form or forms (one for each prospective member), completing the forms, and returning these completed forms to the appropriate folks in the church.  As with all handwriting, the forms often required some interpretation, extrapolation, or pure guesses as to what was intended.  The new form(s) are completed at home through the website (Membership menu, Membership information form online), and the information is typed into the keyboard by an individual who may proof his own work.  When each form is completed, – pressing the SUBMIT button automatically distributes the information to our pastor, the Clerk of the Session, the Membership Committee, and Trinity’s office staff.  This new process is available to all individuals with an email address, OR to anyone without an email address who can find a friend with a computer or a cellphone.  Transmission and distribution of the information is perfectly legible, and may require a few nano-seconds to deliver to Trinity’s several recipients.

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