Online Worship Service: March 7, 2021

Indoor services at Trinity have resumed; however, if you are unable to attend, we hope you will join us online. This week (and this week ONLY!), we have two options for online viewing:

Option 1: Use our online worship page. It’s the same format we’ve had since April 2020. This is the LAST week of the static online worship page.
This will also be the last week of the vimeo video production created by Arvid Olson. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Arvid, Ken Mettler, Jeff Cooke, Judy Grady, Jane Pellmann, and Heasuk Che for their roles in the production of the weekly online worship page, music videos, and coordination of all the volunteers.

All of us working on the production would also like to thanks the MANY performers that have offered their time and talent to make the recordings over almost a year. You are too many to list individually, but this means all the liturgists, handbell ringers, choir members, soloists, instrumentalists, not to mention the double-time effort provided by staff. Closing this worship page will significantly reduce the workload on everyone and will allow us to focus on the NEW projects going on at Trinity.

If you’d like to use the online worship page one last time, then click this link or the thumbnail image above.

Option 2: You can watch the live broadcast of the 10AM worship service from Trinity Presbyterian! Note that this will be the ONLY choice next week.
The broadcast will begin shortly before the 10AM worship service and will include recorded videos of the Trinity choir and other vocal and instrumental performances. We have tested the system several times and have most of the rough edges sanded down; however, you may still notice a hiccup from time-to-time. We hope this will be a richer and more positive experience for you in the future when you can’t attend.

If you miss the live broadcast, we will be sending out an email shortly after the service ends with a link to a recording. This can also be handy when you are away from home and would like to watch the Trinity worship service remotely.

If you try the link before the broadcast, you’ll see a countdown timer. We start streaming at approximately 9:50am. There’s no problem coming early or late.

If you’d like to try the NEW live stream broadcast, then click this link or the thumbnail “LIVE” image above.


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