Supply pastor Sunday, November 5

We welcome to our pulpit Rev. Dr. Jeffrey William Beebe who comes to us from Ormond Beach, Florida where he lives with his wife (Cyndy) and their four children (Benjamin 25, Allacyn 21, Megann 16, Erynn 14). Dr. Beebe is a graduate of Florida State University, Columbia Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, Calif)) and is currently a member-at-large of the Presbytery of Central Florida. He has served in and alongside of the Church in many different capacities. Dr. Beebe understands that “making disciples” is both the Church’s responsibility and the primary theological issue facing the Church today and that our role in making disciples begins in the Baptismal Vows and extends to the ends of the earth as the Church is sent forth in mission. The Church’s task is to make disciples who are authentically walking with Christ and who are fully engaged in faithful practices of discipleship (worship, fellowship, study, service, and witness) using the gifts and abilities which God has, is, and will continue to provide.

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