Time and Talent Form Sunday October 5

It has come to our attention that the Time and Talents form that was included in this Sunday’s bulletin (September 5) did not include boxes with each item, unlike the forms the previous Sunday. For those of you struggling to find these boxes, please use the following instructions:

Put an X in front of each item you are performing now.

Put a circle (O) in front of each item you are willing to add to your current volunteer activities.

These alternate instructions will work equally well, as only humans will be storing the information, and really don’t need the boxes at all.

Many thanks for your patience, and please accept our most sincere apology for this oversight.

For those of you who have to have boxes, you may print off a copy of the proper form from the Membership menu on the website. This two page form includes the proper boxes.
Many thanks

Bob Settles
Membership and Evangelism Committee

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