Trinity session declares May wills month

TPC Session Declares the Month of May, 2014 as Wills Emphasis Month


The Session has declared May, 2014 as Wills Emphasis Month and Wills Emphasis Sunday will be observed on May 18.


“Presbyterians are a generous and thoughtful people.  Throughout their lives, Presbyterians feel the call to support their church, specific programs, missions and ministries.  In fact, good Christian stewardship is a hallmark of the Presbyterian faith.  Stewardship is defined by Presbyterians as: “The people of God manage God’s gifts responsibly and seek to make proper use of the good gifts of God’s creation.”  – Presbyterian Handbook


Presbyterians believe that God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ and also can call us to various forms of work and service so we can live out our discipleship in the world.  Our service is in our homes, our towns and our churches – these are all callings through which God is glorified.  Our calling to be good stewards of His gifts inspires us to reach into our pockets and share our financial blessings.  We tithe knowing that we have been given much and that through our weekly gifts God’s work is able to continue in our church, local community and around the world.  Despite faithful stewardship during our lifetime, many times we fail to think about extending our support thereafter.


Why is there such a hesitation to create a legacy of faith with a bequest that will provide support to a church beyond the member’s lifetime?  It is not as though any of us thinks that we can “take it with us.”  We plan our wills to provide for a spouse, children, grandchildren.  But what about leaving a legacy to those causes we have supported so faithfully during our lifetimes?”


We share this message to you from the Presbyterian Foundation which we are closely allied with through our gifts and offerings, our invested funds, support that they provide to our programs and outreach and our common commitment to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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