Volunteer to be a Trinity Live Stream Team Member!

If you or someone you know likes learning about computer technology, this is your chance!

What do we do? We operate the video cameras during worship and other special services, manage the live stream broadcast, and run the sanctuary wall projectors. Everything is controlled via a Windows 10 PC. Good keyboard and mouse skills are a needed.

To operate the system, you may be able to get started after only an hour or so of training. If you’re very new to the equipment and apps, then maybe a bit longer. To run the whole show, you’ll need to learn our processes and procedures and that will take a larger time investment.

What equipment and apps do we use? Boxcast streaming services, OBS Studio, Elgato 4K Pro and Stream Deck, IOGear Wireless HD Matrix Pro, a 3-Display Lenovo Legion Desktop Windows 10 PC, three video cameras (2 fixed; 1 mobile), and three short-throw projectors. We also use slightly more mundane things like Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, GIMP, LibreOffice’s Impress, and VLC Media Player.

Sound interesting? Sound fun? Sound confusing … but willing to learn? We’re willing to train!

If you are interested, contact the Web Administrator at webadmin@trinitypalmcoast.org.

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