Warning: Email Scam Circulating

There is currently a SCAM circulating via email asking you to purchase a gift card on behalf of Rev Beebe.

Please know that Rev Beebe, nor anyone on Staff, nor any communication from the church (or ANY legitimate plea for help) will ask you to contribute by getting a gift card.

This particular email greets you by name, is (falsely) signed by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey W. Beebe, and includes the address of Trinity Presbyterian. All these things may imply to you that the request is legitimate. IT IS NOT. We do not ask for contributions by gift card. Nor do we ever ask you to do something because “of my busy schedule”.

Please use caution when confronted with these scams. The best approach is to immediately discard a suspicious looking email. That is, if ANYTHING appears suspicious even before you open the email: DELETE it.

If you have already opened the email: DELETE it.

As always, be sure to use virus-scanning software on your computer and keep it up to date. Many virus scanning software products also provide email or email attachment scanning.

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