Planning our future together!

You have been invited to take the HolyCow! Congregational  Assessment Tool, or C.A.T. as we like to call it.  Trinity Presbyterian Church needs your participation to discover where we stand now and what direction might be important in our future. Please do not forward or share this email; it is not transferable.  We ask that all worshippers in your household complete their own survey.  Others in your household can go to the TPC website and complete their own C.A.T. The assessment will take about 35 minutes and needs to be completed in one sitting.  If you have already completed the CAT assessment , thank you, if you have not… When you are ready, click on this blue link and begin!
Many thanks, TPC Visioning Committee –  Pastor RonWatson, Ross Royce, Del Smith, Tracy Martin Please contact any one of us if you have a question.

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