New name tags and racks

We survived the first Sunday rush for new name tags.  New supplies have been received to continue this process. We discovered a number of misspelled names, and received many more requests for new name tags.  The corrected tags have all been prepared and are on the old racks in alphabetical order (Top to bottom, left to right).  Each individual’s new name tags should be stored on the new name tag rack which corresponds with the service normally attended.  Each rack is identified with the time of the worship service, 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00.

After an adequate time has elapsed for worshippers to select and store their new name tags on the new racks, the remaining name tags will be removed from the old racks, and the old racks will be removed from the wall.  Name tags not picked up will be stored in alphabetical order in a box in the narthex.  Membership Committee

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